27 April 2010

Introducing Tyvek, Plastic and Vinyl Wristbands!

With the growing requests for us to increase our products to include Tyvek, plastic and vinyl wristbands, wristbands.net has teamed with the world’s leading manufacturer of crowd control and identification products. Wristbands.net is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Precision Dynamics Corporation!

PDC is the leading provider of ID solutions with over 50 years of experience. Their division of non-transferable wristbands is available in the largest selection of colors and materials.

Tyvek wristbands are by far the most affordable type of wristband available for short-term, disposable identification. A wide assortment of Tyvek wristband styles is available in over 20 different colors and more than 50 designs in the pre-printed Expressions line. Stock Tyvek wristbands will ship the same business day. All of our Tyvek wristbands are one-size-fits-all and feature a strong adhesive closure and tamper cuts to help prevent transfer. Pre-printed, sequential serial-numbering is also a standard feature. Tyvek wristbands are ideal for single-day use. Wristbands made of Tyvek® are economical, durable, and water-resistant.

Plastic wristbands are ideal for high security events because they are non-transferable, strong, and durable. They are made of a triple laminated material that results in a waterproof, maximum strength wristband that’s also soft and pliable. The plastic wristbands are one-size-fits-all and feature a locking snap to prevent transfer to another person. Choose from several styles in 18 standard colors plus more than a dozen designs in the pre-printed Expressions collection.

Vinyl wristbands are the premium choice for secure crowd control and identification. They are waterproof and non-transferable with a locking snap. Vinyl wristbands are soft, comfortable, and ultra-durable because they’re constructed of multi-layered vinyl. One size fits all. Choose from many vinyl wristband styles and over 20 colors. ClearImage® vinyl wristbands are extremely popular because they are made of translucent vinyl for a cool, distinctive look. Custom printing is available.

Precision Dynamics Corporation upholds the highest standards in the industry with manufacturing facilities in 4 countries including the United States. Their company’s mission, goals and customer service mirror that of wristbands.net. We use only the highest quality materials in manufacturing while providing the highest level of customer service and are pleased to partner with a globally recognized corporation to better serve you and your needs. For more information regarding any of our wristband products including non-transferable wristbands, please contact us or visit us at https://www.wristbands.net/!

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