25 July 2013

Mosquito Swat to the Rescue

Forest Green Mosquito Repellant 1/2 wristband
Some states claim there state bird as the dreaded mosquito. The darn things are everywhere.  You can't kill em' fast enough.  It seems that the more we spray the greater they multiply.  Every summer we do our best to keep them at bay by checking off our back yard supply list - OFF, check, Tiki candles, check, bug spray, double check.  This year add Wristbands.Net mosquito repellent wristbands to the list.  Our citronella infused bands have up to 6 hours lasting mosquito repellent power as your kids get every bit of fresh air this summer. Kids headed off to summer camp? Pack a dozen or more of these bands in their luggage and equip them with extra protection to ward off those nasty swatters.
Citronella is a proven repellent used by major insecticide brands 

23 July 2013

Juvenile Arthritis: Wristband.Net Loves the Kiddies

Raise Your Hand Against Arthritis - 2011 Juvenile Arthritis Conference -
Photo by: rogercarr Flickr
Developed in children 16 or younger, Juvenile Arthritis is a complex of diseases that attack the musculoskeletal system, causing severe pain and weakens the muscles and bones.  The word arthritis literally means inflammation.  No one knows what causes it.  It develops on its own.  Millions of people across the world suffer from this condition in hopes that the medical community will find a cure.  The month of July is set aside to bring awareness to this debilitating disease.  If you, anyone you know, or you simply have a heart for the many who suffer, create a wristband in the name of Juvenile Arthritis and stand for the cure, get involved, and join the conversation.  The cure, it's coming!
Wristbands.Net supports Juvenile Arthritis because we love the kiddies.  We offer customized Awareness wristbands to foundations, awareness campaigns and groups.  Our glow in the dark wristbands will let a child know that there is hope in the midst of the darkness of arthritis. Join us in the conversation and get yours today!
Lime Green Glow in the Dark - Debossed 1/2 inch wristband

18 July 2013

July: Blood Cord Awareness Month

USB 1/2 inch Foundation Wristbands
Did you know that the month of July is Cord Blood Awareness Month.  Over the past several years there has been a major push toward the donation of new born umbilical cords.  It has inside, key nutrients and stem cells that help fight against cancers and help treat over 80 diseases.  More and more platforms spring up to generate cord blood education and awareness for the importance of donation and preservation.

Recently over in India a woman's center banned together in support of a umbilical cord donation. Currently there is no protocol in place for doctors and patients to donate.  Cords are being thrown out daily and the rise of cancer is astronomical.

If you or anyone you know is apart of a Cord Blood Awareness platform hip them the Wristbands.Net USB awareness wristband.  With these, charities can upload their media kit and background information about umbilical donation.
Photo by: European Parliament Flickr