21 April 2010

Awareness Wristbands

Often we are asked to produce wristbands for a special event or someone battling a disease. Loved ones contact us for bracelets honoring battles with cancer or simply to honor the memory of one’s passing. We are privileged to manufacture and be a part of these. It is our way of remembering our blessings and reminding us what is important in life.

Silicone wristbands have always been synonymous with building awareness. You can just look around and see this with the popularity of the yellow LIVESTRONG wristband and the pink breast cancer awareness bracelets. It never ceases to amaze us how many wristbands you see every day. Each wristband, whether yellow, pink, or lavender has a special meaning to its owner. Whether it’s to commemorate an achievement or honor a memory.

Wristband colors bring powerful messages. Yellow is synonymous with Lance Armstrong and his cancer awareness group, and pink is for breast cancer. But orange, purple, red and countless more symbolize and spread awareness too. We have decided to list a few awareness wristband colors for you to not only highlight the cause, but clarify meaning. A complete list may be found on our website Awareness Wristbands page as well.

Brain – Gray
Breast – Pink
Melanoma – Black or Orange
Kidney – Green
Colon/Rectal – Navy Blue
Leukemia – Orange
Testicular – Lavender
Ovarian – Teal
Lymohedema – Light Blue
Prostate – Blue
Hodgkins – Violet
AIDS – Red
Diabetes – White
Austism & Asperger’s – Primary Colors
In Memory Of – Black
Heart Disease - Red
Drug Awareness - Red
Epilepsy - Lavender

Let others know you support a cause. Show your support and start building awareness in others; whatever color it may be!


  1. This is a great list of awarenesses... I ask as a parent with 2 children with Epilepsy you please add to the list. Lavender (light purple) is Epilepsy Awareness color. I will be doing a walk in Saratoga, NY on September 12th and would love to purchase a bunch of the wristbands to sell for a fundraiser for Epilepsy.

  2. Thank you for your feedback! We will add Lavender to both our website and blog post!