03 January 2012

Custom Wristbands and rubber bracelets in January

At Wristbands.net we customize silicone wristbands and rubber bracelets for different awareness holidays everyday. Like every other month january is no different for us. Wristbands.net has started off 2012 producing custom wristbands for people who want to spread awareness and raise fund for various different reasons.

January is the month for Cervical Cancer Screening Month, National Blood Donor Month, Birth Defects Prevention Month,Glaucoma Awareness Month, Thyroid Awareness Month, National Folic Acid Awareness, and National Radon Month. That is alot to make people aware of! The reason why people use rubber bracelets to spread awareness is because of the cost associated with our wristbands. Due to wristbands being a low cost item it is easy for people to spread their message to the public and makes their profit margin greater when they are fundraising for the cause.

At wristbands.net you can create your own custom wristbands and bracelets on our wristband creator. This allows for you to have a completely personalized bracelet that will help your message stick out on peoples wrist while they are wearing your wristband. If you haven't tried our wristband creator try it  its quick, easy, and you can begin spreading awareness today!

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