07 May 2012

Laser Made Wristbands Vs. Debossed Wristbands

Often times the phone will ring and someone is seeking to create awesome wristbands after looking through www.wristbands.net and finding our wristband creator there is always some confusion about laser made versus debossed.  Looking through the creator can be daunting however we are here to clarify. Laser made and debossed while on the surface look the same, the harsh cold truth is they are not really the same.
Typically, laser made silicone wristbands take us an estimated 3-5 days to produce. Located in Houston, Texas our experienced staff take a blank silicone wristband and place it in a laser (hence laser made). The laser then cuts your custom message and art work into the silicone wristband. Text therefore will appear as the same color as the wristband.

Debossed while may look the same its not! In the debossed wristbands these are manufactured using a steel mold. A steel mold is cast with your custom message including artwork and then the silicone is pressed into the mold and BAM! Your wristband is ready to be worn. Debossed silicone wristbands typically take 10 business days to produce because of the process we take to ensure the best quality and best looking wristband.  Therefore your message and artwork will look deep and smooth on the wristband.

Both styles the message is sunken into the wristband, the devil is in the detail.  With debossed the production time is typically longer yet produces a elegant looking message; however, in the laser made the message is also sunken yet these are typically faster to produce and sometimes a bit more economical . Ultimately the choice and decision is yours. If time is of the essence laser made can be the difference between something and nothing. Any size, shape, or color… laser made and debossed will meet your needs.  Visit our wristband creator and get started today on your debossed or laser made wristbands.   

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