24 January 2012

Fundraising with wristbands

Although it may be nontraditional using silicone wristbands and rubber bracelets to raise funds, it has been proven to one of the most effective fundraising methods out there for a few reasons.

First and foremost selling custom rubber bracelets and silicone wristbands allows for a much higher profit margin than a traditional box of candy, popcorn, or wrapping paper resulting in more revenue for the cause you are raising funds for.

Another reason to use wristbands to fund raise would be because you are able to give the person donating funds to your cause something they can wear that shows they support a cause. Another plus is wristband is a good that will  not go bad or get used up  and they can wear it forever which in return will spread your logo or message to new places.

Wristbands.net is here to help you with all of your wristband fundraising needs.If you plan to start a fundraiser with wristbands we suggest you look into our lasermade wristbands and color coated wristbands these bracelets are the most quality, cost effective and will allow for the biggest profit margin. You can start today by creating your custom wristbands on our wristband creator. If you need any help with creating your custom wristbands please feel free to call wristbands.net at 1800-433-1758.

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