22 March 2012

Wristbands in the month of March

Wristbands in the month of March

During the month of March, many are heading for Spring Break, elated with March Madness, begin the thaw out from those harsh winter months.  March also marks a month of appreciation for an organization which has been assisting those around the nation and abroad since its foundation in 1881; the organization is of course the Red Cross.  Time and time again when people are in need the Red Cross has been there with a blanket, food, and a welcomed hug or smile. Run completely by volunteers the American Red Cross has been the first to arrive at the scene of natural disasters, man-made disasters or when their community just has a need.

 Many civic and religious organizations find the time to lend a hand whether it is through monetary donations, volunteering their time, goods, and even blood.  Do you belong to a religious, student or civic organization wanting to make a difference in your community? Want to find a way to give back in your own community? Or simply are you one who likes to show your support for a worthy cause?

Did these questions make you nod your head? Have you thought about creating a 100% silicone wristband for any of these ideas listed above? The process is simple. Visit the wristband creator at wristbands.net and get started. Using the wristband creator you can create a customized wristband in red the color of the Red Cross, or with the colors of your organization with a specialized message to either show your support of the American Red Cross or even use these specialized bands to raise funds for an organization which has become an American institution which symbolizes hope of a better tomorrow.

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