19 June 2012

Wristbands With Funny Sayings

Mark Twain once said “Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.” Indeed a sense of humor is needed at times just to make it through the day. We’ve all been on the receiving end of those email chains that someone sends with the idea that a little bit of laughter will lift one’s spirits and at the same time make the routine of your day seem a little less humdrum. 

Did you know that silicone wristbands can do just that, give someone a little bit of uplifting humor? Checking out our Edgy & Awesome section of our website can do just that, give someone a slight giggle. Not only are there  wristbands with funny sayings but these bands are available for production. These simple silicone bracelets are perfect because you can buy just 1 or 20. If the text is just not what you are looking for creating a funny silicone wristband has never been easier. Right now you can take advantage of our summer promotion on ALL of our LASER MADE products. Our wristbands are not just for serious fund raising or to bring further awareness to a certain cause, silicone wristbands can also be used as something fun to be shared with all of the little people that live inside your head but also with friends and family. That’s the best part of our laser made products; with no minimum quantity making just one band can bring some much needed funny bone tickling to the right person in your life. The only limit is the extent of your imagination and creativity. Need examples of what to put on your wristband? Check out the Browse Product section of wristbands.net and get some great ideas of what can be printed on your own wristband.

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