22 April 2010

All Shapes and Sizes

Did you know wristbands.net can custom create any size you wish? By any size, we also mean circumference, or size, and height!

Traditional silicone wristbands are generally seen in one height size which in our terms is 12mm or ½ inch. Wristbands.net can create height sizes from ½ inch to 1 inch or larger. The one inch wristbands are called custom wide wristbands. In addition, we can create thinner versions as well. Custom thin bracelets are ¼ inch in height.

Our standard wristbands are sized as small, 7 inches in circumference, medium, 7.5 inches in circumference and large, 8 inches in circumference. A large sized custom wristband is roughly the same circumference as a soda pop can. Since wristbands from wristbands.net are made to order, we have the ability to produce any size smaller or larger you wish! Toddler and youth sizes are smaller than 7 inches in circumference.

More and more of our recent customers are taking their customized silicone wristbands to another level! Custom wide wristbands are used as business cards, birth announcements and party invitations! Up to 4 lines of text may be clearly printed on these. They may be debossed, color filled and embossed as well.

Custom thin wristbands offer a subtle, stylish touch! We have even added glitter to these bands!

Want an extra secret? Emboss a message on the interior of your custom wristbands. Many companies will place their website address, offer code or promotional code right on the inside! All wristbands from wristbands.net may be individually numbered.

Our customization process is so advanced we are able to prototype any style of silicone wristband and bracelet you can imagine! Even the smallest details may be done. Just contact us!

Attached to our blog you will see a customized wristband. This wristband has a screen printed baseball on a round surface. The message is debossed around the bracelet. To view additional custom wristbands we have created please visit our Wristband Gallery from our website!

If you have any ideas for a silicone wristband, please share them!

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