29 April 2010

Stack It Up: Custom Layered Silicone Wristbands

The layered look is back! Wristbands.net has brought the stacked, custom silicone wristbands back by popular demand! These custom silicone wristbands allow you to choose multiple colors and “stack” them one on top of another.

As you know we offer the color coated silicone wristbands. Color coated wristbands are 2 layers of color; one on top of the other, horizontally. The top layer is silicone paint while the bottom is the silicone wristband. When messages are engraved, the bottom layer of color appears as the message text. This is our cost effective alternative to our color filled wristbands.

Stacked wristbands are multiple colors of silicone stacked one on top of the other; vertically. You are able to select up to 6 colors of silicone to stack. When six layers are loaded and bonded, the result is a 1” wide wristband! Screen printing to further customize these bracelets are the most popular technique if messages are to be printed on these, but we have found our clients prefer to just leave them blank!

Clients have ordered these custom wristbands for some interesting applications! Flag colors representing sports teams, multiple awareness colors and pride! Promote your school spirit with stacked school colors, award core values and asset development! The possibilities have been endless!

To order custom stacked wristbands, visit Wristbands.net or simply contact us at 1-800-433-1758!

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