11 April 2012

Sell Wristbands from home

In a recent economic report, more and more Americans are taking charge of their financial standing by starting their own home based business. The options are endless; from scented wax, healthy coffee, vitamins, legal advice and insurance, the home based business industry is booming. Harvard Business School is now offering courses on this type of industry.
Why silicone wristbands for home based business?

The answer is easy. If you run your own home based business, you know that word of mouth is key to you growing your business. How many business cards have you picked up at a trade show or other event, how often do you know where you picked up those cards much less where you’ve left them? A silicone wristband could solve those issues. Your name and preferred method of contact could be printed on a silicone wristband and distributed to your customers with their order. Silicone wristbands being the big thing now a days can create a buzz about your particular business as you would have free advertising through those customers who don your customized silicone wristband.  Another idea is to get your silicone wristband with a slogan to get more people’s attention and asking questions, giving you the chance to shine and get your product out there to the masses.

Wristbands are inexpensive to produce and can become more practical than having boxes of business cards you can’t seem to get rid of. As a gift to loyal customers, it’s a way to make you stand out apart from the rest.  Silicone wristbands are easy to create using the wristband creator on wristbands.net

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