15 May 2012

Wear your Wristbands to Stop Bullying

Anti-Bullying Wristbands

So much is being said about this problem affecting our schools. A generation ago there was not so much information nor support for victims of bullying, now simply type the word into any search engine and you get thousands of pages dedicated to ending this ever spreading problem.

Blue has been the color assigned to bullying awareness.  Silicone wristbands or rubber bracelets can help raise the awareness necessary to help those who may be living in fear from their school bullies feel safer at school and in their community.

Schools and youth organizations seeking to end bullying in their schools or communities may wish to order these with a simple message of “End Bullying” or “Stop the Bullying” and then distribute amongst their schools and or youth organizations.  Each wristband could be used as a part of an anti-bullying campaign or used as an identifier of a trusted individual. Anti bullying silicone wristbands do not have to come in blue they can come in whatever color you want and have whatever message you wish.  Visit our wristband creator or our website wristbands.net and check out all of our designs and rubber bracelets.  

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