07 May 2010

Breast Cancer Silicone Awareness Rings

Silicone wristbands are a popular item and the chief silicone style offer by wristbands.net but did you know we stock breast cancer awareness rings?

A well know morning television hostess popularized this ring on her morning show 3 years ago after her diagnosis and survival. Since then, the request for these in single units boomed with calls inquiring where they could be purchased. As a result, wristbands.net decided to help meet the demand and offer them in single or bulk units. We are proud to say the sale of each ring benefits the Susan G. Komen Foundation. We use eBay's Giving Works program with MissionFish to make our donations.

These silicone rings are individually packaged for ease of distribution. They are pink with a simple, color filled pink ribbon in the center as you see in our blog’s image. These custom silicone rings are available in a woman’s size 7. These do stretch as silicone is pliable. As all of our custom silicone wristbands, they are 100% latex free.

These are available through eBay or by calling us at 1-800-433-1758 at this time. You may choose to order custom rings for your awareness campaigns by contacting us directly as these rings are not yet available for ordering online.

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