19 May 2010

Swirled and Segmented Silicone Wristbands: How Its Done!

How are swirled and segmented wristbands produced? Well, here it is!

As you know we begin our entire silicone wristband bracelets with 100% latex free silicone material. To make the swirl effect, we begin with raw silicone material. Raw silicone for wristband manufacturing is pliable; it is similar to a taffy consistency. Color is added based on the order’s specifications. Once this is complete, then we roll out the colors in strands. We twist or intertwine the colors together like a candy cane. We twist and fold over the strand several times. Once we have achieved the swirl wristband effect, the silicone is rolled out into a sheet, heated to 200C degrees and pressed into the mold. Up to 4 colors may be swirled together. You may choose from our stock colors or contact us for a variation custom to you and your wristbands!

A mold is the steel die we have created for your custom message. The swirled silicone sheet is then placed onto it. Using 10,000psi, the message is stamped or imprinted into the wristband. Molds may be single units or made in larger trays to manufacture large quantities. Once you have purchased a mold from Wristbands.net with your custom logo or message in a debossed or embossed order, it is yours to keep. Molds may manufacture over 1,000,000 wristbands before they deteriorate and must be recast.

Segmented wristbands are manufactured with the same base process. Rather than twisting the colors together, the silicone colors are placed side by side. The silicone roll is then heated, rolled into a sheet and placed into the mold. You may select 2 segmented wristbands from our stock colors as well as segment up to 6 colors of your choice creating your own, unique look. For more colors, please contact us directly.

Did you know wristbands.net is the only company that provides a virtual proof for every order large or small? While you can preview the wristband on our website, we also send you a virtual rendering with each order to ensure accuracy. Little details are often overlooked and we simply want you to be satisfied with your purchase. It’s an extra step we take to make your order is exactly as you want it!

For more information on silicone wristbands or any of our wristband products, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-433-1758!

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