26 June 2013

Wristbands Take Employees Captive!

Wristbands.Net Headquarters
At Wristbands.Net employees are held captive by the wristband rebellion!  They have even joined forces with other novelty desk toys and have assembled themselves in attack formation.  Their mission is to legitimize themselves as a necessity in our world.  To fight against the years of irrelevant class citizenry that has been inflicted upon them.  Wristbands are colorful, fun and invoke smiles, and by god or neglect they will be respected. Wristbands from every awareness campaign have all come together in one voice proclaiming their reason for being.

Just because the campaign is over doesn't mean that the message is no more.  Arian Foster may have been recently carted off the field for a calf injury but he's still one of the best running backs in the history of the Houston Texans.  Tony Allen maybe off season with his charity but his bracelets can still be worn in the name of.

At the behest of all wristbands get yours today and cosign their necessity by letting them speak for your awareness campaign

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