13 October 2011

Wristbands for Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Wristbands.net

October is a busy month here at Wristbands.net, it is also one of our favorite months because of  everybody designing their own silicone wristbands to support the battle against breast cancer. This year Wristbands.net has big plans to help raise funds for the cure of Breast Cancer.  Currently we are working with the Susan G. Komen foundation in Austin, TX to help provide wristbands for their upcoming Race For the Cure on November 13, 2011which currently has over 5,000 participants registered for the race and over 2,100 donations for Breast Cancer research.

For those who aren't familiar with the Susan G. Komen foundation they are the largest Breast Cancer foundation in the world. Since 99' The Komen Austin chapter has raised over 10 million dollars for the cure of Breast Cancer! We will also have a booth at the race so if your there come see the wristbands.net crew!

Along with the race for the cure we have a few different people using silicone wristbands to help their campaigns raise funds for breast cancer awareness.Chris Taylor, running back of the New Orleans Saints and owner of sozportz.com  is donating a portion of  proceeds generated from his pink Game Changer wristbands to Breast Cancer research.Shoot2score hoops  is also selling their pink and white support the fight wristbands for breast cancer research as well. Check out a picture of each of the wristbands below!

We are really excited about being apart of all these great fund raisers for Breast Cancer and hope everyone finds a way to help this cause whether its with a custom silicone wristband or another form of donation. Together we can help raise money to find a cure Breast Cancer.

Game Changer Wristbands

Support the Fight Breast Cancer Wristbands

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