24 May 2012

Wristbands for Highschool and College Reunions

Reunions for both high school and college can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  Certainly, we have all seen the movies where the 10 or 20 year reunion occurs and the different groups are coming together again to see what life has been like for everybody. Regardless, of your own experience in high school it can be worthwhile going to the reunion. Wristbands can be created for such an event.

Sure high school was a formative time in almost everyone’s lives yet having a trendy silicone wristband to go home with will at least give you a sense of accomplishment(you survived the reunion).  For example, your high school reunion or college reunion silicone wristband can be created in the school colors and have the name of your school and year of graduation. For college reunions the name of the college or department which is organizing the reunion for its graduates is also a possibility. Perhaps your high school graduating class had a motto for that year, this phrase can also go on the silicone wristband.

Segmented and swirled silicone wristbands are great high school/college reunions because each of these contains multiple colors. Segmented and Swirled wristbands can be created with up to 4 different colors enabling you to include your school’s colors elegantly. Your message, and any artwork can then appear in a variety of colors because of the combination of the colors of the silicone wristband. Visit our wristband creator and get started designing your own customized reunion silicone wristband.  

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