18 January 2012

ordering silicone wristbands and rubber bracelets with no minimum

Have you ever needed just one or two wristbands but cannot find a place that will produce less than 100 at a time? As a consumer this can be a little disheartening  and turn you to another misleading website. But look no further at wristbands.net you can order silicone wristbands with no minimum. These are two of the most popular styles of wristbands we have to offer at wristbands.net the standard lasermade wristband and the color coated wristband.

These wristbands are produced using a laser engraver that engraves your message on to your rubber bracelets allowing your message to be seen from all over. The standard lasermade wristbands are similar to the yellow live strong wristbands made popular by lance armstrong and his LIVESTRONG campaign. The wristband and message are the same color with the standard lasermade wristbands, and are great for promotional giveaways, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns.

If you are looking for a wristband you can still order with no minimum but has a colored text look into our color coated wristbands. These rubber bracelets are coated with a different color from the core of the wristband allowing you see a different color text . These too are also great for promotional giveaways, awareness campaigns, and fundraisers.

The last two popular laser made products we produce here at wristbands.net are glow in the dark wristbands and uv sensitive wristbands. Our glow in the dark wristbands are available in lime green aqua blue, and white. These are great because even in the dark your message will shine! Our uv sensitve wristbands are cool because they start off as a clear color and when exposed to the suns uv rays the wristband will turn a violet color. These are great for the summer and offer a friendly reminder to keep sunscreen applied throughout the day. These have been made popular by skin cancer foundations, skin care companies, and summer camps as a reminder to take care of your skin.

Whats great is all these varieties of wristbands can be produced one by one with out any minimum quantity. Another plus is the manufacturing process is much shorter and we offer a rush production on all lasermade products. Our lasermade wristbands are the most cost effective bands we have to offer at wristbands.net. If you are interested in  lasermade wristbands you can start by creating your own on our wristband creator and receive your wristbands within 24-48 hours depending on the destination of the wristbands. If you are having trouble designing your bracelets please feel free to call us at 1800-433-1758 we are more than happy to assist you with creating the wristbands your want!

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