16 July 2013

Wristbands.Net: The manufacturer's factory

Epilog Helix laser engrave machine
Ever wonder how your wristband is manufactured? Here at Wristbands.Net the heart of our in house production rests with the Epilog Laser Helix.  It has the ability to produce approximately 10,000 wristbands in one day.  So no need to every be concerned if we can handle a major order.  It's actually pretty neat to watch as the industrial powered laser light fires up the text that you request.  In-house we do all laser made standard wristbands from the standard 1/2 inch silicone wristbands to the UV color transition silicone wristbands.  We have every color wristbands you could possibly image, including the whacky and far out tie die. You can even go dark with our glow in the dark bands.  So come on over and take a mini tour of our factory.  Go through our stock and place your order of in-house manufactured wristbands.

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