09 May 2012

Add a QR Code to your Wristbands

Quick Scan/Bar Code Wristbands

We have all started seeing more and more black boxes with smaller boxes inside and a bunch of tech savvy individuals taking their phones and taking a picture. These boxes are an electronic bar code and many smart phones offer applications which will scan the code then this code will download a web page often times offering discounts or information on products.

Did you know this same new bar code can be produced on silicone wristbands?

Recently during the Music and Film Festival, South By Southwest in Austin Texas, QR codes were everywhere. Each code led those tech savvy festival goers to maps of the festival events and information on musical and film showings.

This same style of bar code can be printed on your very own wristband. QR codes can be produced on screen printed and color coated laser made wristbands.  These rubber bracelets would be great for any business seeking to attract more customers, or organizations seeking to inform more people about their organization or cause.  Those business seeking to attract more customers, may decide to hold an event and use the QR code silicone wristband to give out to their event goer and decide to offer more information on the website. These silicone wristband are a great alternative to having  thousands of flyers, trifolds or other material printed. These QR silicone wristbands allow its creator to be more green, save a few trees, and give their clientele a sense of wow! Larger corporations can also take advantage of the quick read silicone wristbands by creating these wristbands and embedding the code to their website which can offer coupons, information about upcoming corporate events or simply to their corporate website.

Simply visit www.wristbands.net to create your own custom wristbands on our wristband creator or contact one of our representatives for more information at 1-800-433-1758

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