08 May 2012

Wristbands for Quincenera's and Sweet 16 parties

Quinceñera Wristbands & Sweet 16 Wristbands

Sweet 16 and Quinceñera are both important steps in a young lady’s life. For many Hispanic families watching their little girl become a woman is a magical time, at the same time watching your little girl become 16 and start driving is one of those things many parents sometimes dread. Both of these celebrations mark a transition in many cultures.  Both the quinceñera and sweet 16 stem from the Victorian era tradition of presenting of ones’ daughters’ to the community once they became of “marriageable” age.  In many southern states in the United States a remnant of this tradition still continues known as the Debutant ball.

Regardless of the name of your coming of age party, a silicone wristband can be that little detail that will make your party the one of the year. Coming in the party girl’s color, the text could be secondary color. These silicone wristbands for the party can be made just for the court to be given as a small token of appreciation or be distributed to all in attendance as a keepsake of the event. Some popular colors include, pink, purple, baby blue, yellow and orange.  Any of these colors can be used as the band of the color with another color for the text, glitter can be added to the silicone wristbands for added flair and effect. Message may range from the name of the honored young lady and date of event to “Thank You for attending…”

The options are endless. Glitter silicone wristbands  can be just that little extra that can make one girls party the event of the year not only because of the music and food but the simple act of giving your guests a little keep sake that they can wear to show off they happened to be one of the few to actually get into the social event which your community may be speaking about for years to come. We have all seen those extravagant parties on all those reality shows… why not give your guests that feeling as they leave your Sweet 16, Quinceñera or Debutant party.

With a little imagination, some flair and an eye to detail you too can create elegant yet fun silicone wristbands. Simply visit the wristband creator at wristbands.net and get started today.

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