11 May 2012

Soccer Wristbands

Wristbands for Soccer (The REAL FOOTBALL) Teams

Since 1996 with the creation of the Major League Soccer, Americans have joined the rest of the world in playing a most ancient and time honored game. The real football or as many Americans call it Soccer has been a game played on every continent for generations. During the 2010 World Cup the US Team made huge strides surprising many for going as far as they did.

Now the MLS comprises of teams from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic from Texas to our friendly neighbors to the north in Canada.  And it seems soccer is gaining momentum and more and more fans. Creating your own soccer silicone wristband to show you’re a super fan of any of the MLS soccer teams would put you at the forefront of what’s to become the next great American past time. Sure baseball was invented on American soil, and sure so was Football both are great American sports yet why not be a part of something new and long lasting. You could create a silicone wristband band for the current season which is in full swing. All of the clubs’ colors are available and getting the name of your favorite player or F.C has never been easier. Silicone wristbands can be worn to the actual game if you are close or just a big enough fan to fly out to see your favorite team play a rival. At the same time, a rubber soccer team bracelet can be created in bulk to be used at the tailgate before the big game.

Maybe you aren’t even into the MLS but have a child or family member’s child that is playing little league soccer/peewee soccer, many of those child teams attempt to match the current MLS line up so why not create a silicone bracelet to cheer on your special little one and show some support for those wee ones running up and down the pitch. Color combinations are endless as with all of our other products. Simply visit us at wristbands.net and get onto our custom wristband creator.

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