18 May 2012

Wristbands in Rememberance

 Honor those who have fallen Wristbands

As the month of May comes to an end; many have already made their plans for a much needed 3-day weekend. Did you know, Memorial Day was first celebrated in May 1868 following the end of the Civil War? Since then more and more Americans see this holiday as a way to kick start their summer plans.

Now more than ever, we as Americans should take a moment to thank and honor those who have fallen in order to secure the American way of life.  With scores of our service people coming home from foreign engagements, those who have fallen have done so for a purpose. Let us not forget them. Support our troops flags, decals and other products are everywhere.

A simple yellow or white wristband can be created to honor a fallen hero in your family or in your community. These silicone wristbands can be used for many different reasons.  While many cities and towns still hold Memorial Day parades many have stopped. Silicone wristbands with a name or slogan for your community could be given away at a local Memorial Day parade.  Creating a silicone wristband to help support your local VFW or family who have lost a family member are just two reasons for creating a silicone wristband.

Yellow, Black or white are common colors for these type of silicone wristbands or even using Ol Glory’s colors to create a silicone wristband for your fallen hero with someone’s name, branch of service or dates.  Find your own way of honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Great Nation. Visit our wristband creator at wristbands.net

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