21 May 2012

USB Wristbands Are Great For Traveling

  USB Wristband; The handy travel companion

Summer means vacation, no school and having fun. If your summer plans includes traveling you may want to invest in a USB silicone wristband.  Most digital cameras come with storage cards or a USD cord. We have all run into the situation where the camera’s card is full of the photos you have taken in the first few days of your vacation, and then you realize you have a few more days… then what? Easy, simply take your storage card or USB cord and camera to any computer insert your card or attach your digital camera, move your priceless photos to your customized USB silicone wristband and continue taking all the photos you want. Many cities and even smaller towns internationally have been invaded by internet cafes. These cafes offer reasonable rates for the use of a computer and internet.

These silicone USB wristbands make a great gift for any avid traveler since they are compact, affordable, and the best part is you will never lose it since it’s worn on their wrist.  Additionally, perhaps you or you know  of a student who has decided to do a study abroad program or perhaps Semester at Sea, this silicone wristband would make a great gift as they can use it for storage of photos ,important documents, and even school work. If you need a small quantity, wristbands.net may be able to offer your one of our laser made USB silicone wristband. Laser made USB silicone wristbands come in a selected stock colors with a 1G storage capacity just contact a member of wristbands.net for availability.  Travel agents organizing international travel groups may want to consider ordering our USB silicone wristbands with their logo along with a message such as the tour name or contact information of the tour guide. Mission organizers may also want to consider placing an order for their participants; this will allow their members to use as storage for photos and or documents. Study abroad offices may also want to get on the band wagon. These USB silicone wristbands can be preloaded with important information for students and still have enough room to fill with music or photos.  Your personalized message is imprinted on the band opposite the actual USB storage device. Create your own custom wristbands on our wristband creator today! 

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