06 June 2012

National Fireworkds Safety Awareness Wristbands

Did you know June is National Fireworks Safety month?  Every year thousands of people mainly kids have accidents handling fireworks. Help educate those in your community about Firework safety by creating your very own customized silicone wristbands promoting firework safety. There is no specific color for Firework safety so you are in total control of the style and color of silicone wristbands you can create for such a great cause.

Firework safety is key during the summer months especially in dryer parts of the country and with so many on summer vacation, firework safety can and does prevent out of control fires and loss of fingers, limbs and of course lives. Firework safety is not just for kids, adults need to be made aware of firework safety as well. Silicone wristbands for firework safety are great for kids of all ages since we all enjoy a good firework show. So this summer be safe, have fun and enjoy your very own customized silicone wristband. Check out our new 3D wristband creator at wristbands.net

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