04 May 2012

Wristbands for the month of may

May for many will be a month they will not soon forget. Many parents and grandparents will see their young one become an adult and enter the world full of hopes and aspirations. Graduation marks an important step in “growing up”; it can be the first step into entering the adult world. Why not have this event documented on a wristband? For many graduating from high school it can be preparing to enter college or a vocational school or simply just entering the work force. For the teachers out there, it’s a time of pride and maybe even some relief that all your hard work and dedication has come to fruition and you have done the best to prepare your student of the challenges that come next. A silicone wristband while not a traditional gift can be a small token to mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next one.
By now most high school seniors have begun receiving their invitations, class ring, the keep sake books and a ton of other memorabilia to mark this most auspicious rite of passage.  Why not step outside of the box a bit by including or substituting one of those objects with a silicone wristband.  School officials or PTAs can take advantage of our color filled or screen printed silicone wristbands and create a customized wristband to honor their graduates. These can be in the school colors with a message of encouragement and praise or just in simple black with the text filled with another color. The best part is these will last a lot longer than the glass chalk writings we are all going to start seeing around our respective communities.  Many schools out there will also be having Pro Grad celebrations, those wonderful last school functions many of us had to endure. Silicone wristbands can be used as crowd control or simply to gain access to the school sponsored event. Parents and relatives can also take advantage of our wristband creator and create a customized silicone wristband for those in their family.
Silicone wristbands can also be created for college and graduate school grads. For those out there who are getting ready to enter the real big people world, it’s a time of excitement and nervousness and so many other emotions.  Again silicone wristbands are not a traditional gift or even keep sake however, from one graduate it would make a nice token. College organizations can honor their graduating members with a silicone wristband to show their gratitude for years of service or simply as a good luck as those members take the plunge into the “grown up” world.
Whatever your reason, take advantage of our wristband creator and get started on your Class of 2012 graduation wristbands.

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