06 June 2012

Sizing Your Wristbands

Often times, people are unsure of what size of silicone wristband to order. So here is just a little bit of a break down to help you make your decision.

First you must understand there are two different widths of silicone wristbands which we provide; ½ in wide and 1” wide. Your ½” wide silicone wristband are the standard, run of the mill silicone wristbands made popular by the LIVESTRONG bands. The 1” wide silicone wristbands are your wider silicone wristbands made hugely popular by the I LOVE BOOBIES Breast cancer wristbands we have all started seeing.

Let’s say you just want one line of text and a simple artwork, your best bet would be the half inch silicone wristband especially if you are seeking a more economical silicone wristband.  The beauty of 1” wide silicone wristbands is these allow for more flexibility in the amount of text and even logos which can be imprinted on these wide silicone wristbands.  These bands are very popular with advertising campaigns and brand promotion because of their size. The wider silicone wristbands allow you to get your message out there with bolder and larger fonts as well as bigger and louder logos or artworks.

Once you’ve decided on which of the two types of rubber bracelets you are going to be purchasing and distributing time to decide on diameter of the silicone wristband. Remember you want a comfortable fit yet not so tight you cut off circulation to the hand and fingers.  Typically we recommend the following scale:

For small elementary school age children, size small which measures 7 inches (180 mm) works really well.  For teens and your petit adult women will find medium which measures 7.5 inches (190 mm) are perfect this age group. Size large which measures 8 inches (202mm) is ideal for adult men.  Should you still have questions, feel free to contact a member of wristbands.net .

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