06 June 2012

Wistbands for Great Outdoors Awareness Month

In 2004 President Bush proclaimed June as Great Outdoors Month. In the past few years more and more people are taking vacations or simply taking advantage of more outdoor activities. To celebrate Great Outdoors month, there are several silicone wristbands which can be created and customized to fit your outdoor experience.  Whether you are simply taking more walks in a nearby park or trekking up the Rockies or Appalachians a mosquito repellent silicone wristband would do you wonders! How about taking advantage of our UV silicone wristbands for those of you hitting the beach or rivers? Mosquito repellant silicone wristbands keep those pesky blood suckers at bay for hours, while our UV silicone wristbands are a great way to remind yourself and others it’s time to seek some shade or apply more sun screen.  Whatever your outdoor activity there is a silicone wristband for you. All that is needed is a little imagination. Check out our NEW 3D Wristband creator at wristbands.net

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