02 July 2012

Free Wristbands For Non-Profits and Charities

Do you work for a non profit/charity? Are you planning an event or fundraiser? If you’re a follower on Twitter than by now you should have seen the current contest wristbands.net is running. Tweet us why your charity needs the promo bands, we will choose a winner and award that charity 100 custom wristbands for free!

Create a custom silicone wristband on our 3 D creator, be creative after all it’s a contest, email us and you’re in the running. It really is that simple. Custom silicone wristbands with a snazzy message can really create some good buzz about your charity. One of the best part is the winning charity will get FREE wristbands which can then be part of a give–a-way or even sold for pure profit.  This promotion wont last. Wristbands.net will be awarding this to one lucky charity per WEEK. Yep PER WEEK.  There’s no shame in some great self promotion every actor, singer and even politicians take advantage of some free self promotion, it’s how the world works. Get tweeting!

So be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on this promotions and may more promotions to come.  Do not forget to check out our 3 D wristband creator at wristbands.net

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