21 June 2013

Braille Novelty

It's so cool that we live in an age where technology has bridged the gap between classes, ages, races...all of the things that define who we are.  This may be a random thought but its the crux of novelty.  Technological advances have given us the ability to create that unique, one of a kind something that exclusively represents the giver to the gifted.
Embossed color-filled wristband.  Complete customization because the
bands are created at satellite factory. Ships within 7 - 10 business days.
Novelty gifts have always been the little something's that expressed how much we honor, care and love each other.  Remember the little troll dolls that said "I love you"; especially the custom engraved one that had your name.  Wasn't that the most endearing gift?  It was nothing but it meant the most something.  

Do you love or care for someone who is handicapped with blindness? Create a braille embossed wristband in their name and donate a couple hundred to their school or group.  Add a special term of endearment that is meant just for them and allow others to take part in your dedication.   Log onto our website and create your band with our 3D WRISTBAND CREATOR today.

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