15 April 2010

Mix it Up with Custom Silicone Wristbands!

Attention teachers, administrators and school counselors a terrific concept has come by our order pages and we want to share it with you!

Mix it Up uses custom silicone wristbands to help students interact with others outside of their comfort zone or "click". This has become a proven method among middle school tweens to get them to meet new people during lunch periods. Students are given one of 4 - 6 different colored wristbands and are then asked to find their classmates with the same bracelet colors and sit in a designated area or lunch table to make new friends! The custom wristbands also provide a keepsake with the school's logo, mascot and Mix it Up message!

Teachers are rewarding student's benchmark exam with custom silicone wristbands as well!

Wristbands from wristbands.net are also being used as achievement awards to promote developmental assets in youth programs. A well known youth organization recently ordered custom rubber bracelets to recognize core values it practices and promotes throughout the organization in youth sports teams, teen programs and day camps. Each value is assigned a specific wristband color. When the participant exhibits the core value, they are rewarded with the silicone wristband from wristbands.net. Participiants love bragging and showing off their achievements and asset building to their peers and it has become quite to competetion to see who has the most!

A well known youth girls organization has used rubber bracelets as swaps! When meeting new girls within the organization during national meetings, the girls exhange their custom silicone wristbands with each other marking the meeting and exchanging their information about their city and even country! A life long friendship formed with a keepsake to mark an event that will last for decades.

Silicone wristbands have always been synonymous with building and raising awareness. Wristbands.net is proud to post and share everyday stories like these to promote asset development and new friendships!

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