16 April 2010

Fundraising with Wristbands!

How can money be raised using a simple silicone wristband? That’s a simple question and you can turn to several successful campaigns to see just how it works and how it can work for you and your cause!

Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG Foundation and the Susan G. Komen Foundation probably come to mind instantly when you think of raising awareness and silicone wristbands. The wristbands are sold and the proceeds from each sale funds important research while raising cancer awareness.

What most people do not know is they can order customized messages for their specific organization. School PTOs, Teams in Training, sports leagues and youth groups have found this through wristbands.net and we are going to share with you how it is done!

The most cost effective wristband to order is debossed or laser made wristbands. This is simply because units start at as little as .30* per bracelet on 1,000 units. It is roughly $300 investment for your school or organization. As a generally rule of thumb, they are sold in fundraisers for roughly $2 a unit. This is equates to roughly $1.70 profit or $1,700 on the $300 investment! With the base cost of .30 each, we offer thousands of colors that can be solid, swirled or segmented further customizing you order for your cause and group. Add logos, color filling and individual bagging for easier distribution and take your wristbands to another level!

Using custom silicone wristbands to fundraise eliminates order forms and bulky items to redistribute when the orders arrive. Silicone wristbands are 100% latex free so there is never a worry for allergies.

Proceeds from wristband sales have been used to fund field trips, purchase equipment or even donated to cancer research groups on behalf of patients and loved ones. School groups raising dollars to offset field trip or purchase new technology use these unique items with their school name, logo or mascot! Raise team spirit and team funds with rubber wristbands as well!

Wristbands.net is a proud supporter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and 20% of our silicone cancer awareness ring sales are donated to the Komen Foundation support cancer research.

*Base cost of wristband only and does not include additional customization options, shipping and sales tax where applicable

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