13 April 2010

Not All Bands Are Created Equal

Several times a day, we are asked what the difference is between a debossed wristband and a laser made wristband. Well we firmly believed an informed client is a happy one so here is it! Both debossed and laser made wristbands are where the message is engraved or sunken into the rubber wristband. It is the TECHNIQUE that is used to achieve this that makes the difference.

Debossed wristbands are manufactured with a molding technique overseas. A steel mold is cast with a custom message. Once this process is complete, silicone is simply pressed into the mold and using 10,000lbs of pressure the message is stamped or imprinted into the silicone.

Molded, debossed wristbands provide a deeper impression than laser made wristbands.

Laser made wristbands are manufactured using a laser. The wristbands are loaded on to a form and the laser acts as a "printer" burning a layer of silicone off of the wristband.

To add more distinction, both types may be color filled.

Color filling adds an alternate color to the message text. The wristbands are manufactured by either mold or laser, then re-stretched. Each portion of text or logo is then filled with an alternate color and baked. The baking process sets the silicone ink used to fill the custom message. Color filling is a unique feature and will not fade or chip.

Which type is best for you and your needs? This all depends on how quickly you require your custom wristbands! Molded wristbands require us to cast a mold first where laser made wristbands maybe be loaded and manufactured more quickly. If you are still uncertain, contact us and we will gladly further guide you!

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