13 April 2010

USB Silicone Wristbands

Technology and the digital age are definitely upon us! We communicate, store and share all of our memories, music and data via the Internet and computers. Our latest addition to wristbands.net is the USB Wristband. We never anticipated the uses and applications or the overwhelming response for these custom wristbands!
Custom USB wristbands from wristbands.net are a silicone wristband with a removable storage, or flash drive unit, built inside. The uses, ideas and popularity of these custom wristbands far exceeded our expectations and we'd like to share some of these!
Photographers have found new ways to share their photos with their clients and promote their business with their company's name and logo printed in these rubber bracelets. Musicians such as Willie Nelson and Rob Thomas are providing their fans with exclusive music downloads through fan pages in MP3 formats. Schools ranging from elementary to large universities stock these in the campus stores to sell to students to store their work, download lecture notes and data. The bracelets have even been ordered as party favors for sweet sixteen and Mitzvah celebrations! Critical medical information may be stored on these such as allergy notes, MRI's, CT scans and medical history for sharing among doctors during visits eliminating file folders and CDs.
Corporations and nonprofit organizations have found these useful to upload corporate data such as prospectus and annual reports to share with donors or clients. A large corporation recently placed an order for their national sales meeting. During their annual meeting with their 10,000 member sales force, power point presentations are a staple and the distribution of the notes were always printed! With the introduction of the USB wristband, they were able to print the company's meeting theme on the wristband, upload the presentations and videos and provide a keepsake from the sales meeting to distribute to the sales force!
These wristbands have become a cost effective, suitable way for product catalog storage as well making them environmentally friendly and keeping companies at the forefront of clients! Product catalog PDFs are uploaded to the drives and changed as needed. No more expensive printing cost, bulky catalogs and updated products may be added anytime via email to clients! Companies have felt at ease they are providing the most current product selection to their clients while conserving precious resources. Also, did you know we can securely upload your data saving you even more time?
USB wristbands from wristbands.net can be debossed, embossed, color filled or screen printed, just like our traditional silicone wristband. The USB flash drive ranges in size from 512MB to 8G of storage space.
You can design your very own USB wristbands with a custom graphic, phrase or cause you wish to promote!

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