18 May 2010

Choosing the Right Font for Wristbands

Your message and reason for the custom silicone wristband your wear is unique to you. It may serve as a reminder for thanks, a memory of a love lost or simply to raise awareness. The font chosen to write your message is almost as import as the color choice.

Fonts offered by wristbands.net are numerous. Some look better than others on certain wristband styles and choosing a font for your message can be overwhelming. You may select a bold font or something less traditional and fun. Either way, the selection is important as your cause, message and reason is significant.

Wristbands.net would like to take the time to help with font selection. Often we are asked “What looks best”? Here are some simple suggestions for some of our different styles.

For traditional, solid, debossed wristbands, any font on our selection page is appropriate. However, when swirled bands are ordered, font selection is more important. Swirled wristbands are 2 color of silicone mixed or swirled together. Segmented wristbands are two silicone colors, adjacent or side by side each other.

Because of the nature of the swirl wristbands, a bold font selection is necessary so the message is legible. Such fonts include but are not limited to, IMPACT, Arial Black, Andy Bold, or Verdana. The fonts are bold and appear well against the swirled wristbands.

By contrast, fonts such as Papyrus, beach type or Script are not good selections because they are very ornate and thin. Given the 2 color swirl, these fonts do not appear well on the wristbands in a debossed or laser made style. The solution to this is to color fill the message text on the wristbands.

We offer many fonts on our website for you to choose from however, if you do not see the “perfect” one, let us know and we will add it for you! In addition, if you have a custom logo or typescript, we are able to print that as well.

If you are still uncertain of the perfect font selection for your unique message, please contact us! We are happy to guide you through the process!

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