05 April 2012

Anti Texting wristbands and thumb rings

Have you ever been driving down your local highway/interstate and seen that one person who seems to just seems to be all over the road, as you pass them you notice their cell phone in hand and their thumbs are running all over their screen. Come on we have all done it, text and driving. April is distracted driver awareness month.  We all live busy lives, and much more now when anyone at any time can get in touch with us. We have become a society addicted to being in touch. We are sitting in our car maybe during rush hour traffic and if you live in any of the larger metropolitan areas of the US you know you are stuck in that bumper to bumper mess for a while. As you sit there you hear bing bing or your favorite song goes off and you almost automatically look over to your phone and sure enough it’s a text message, email, picture message however… there is currently a campaign of DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE, and IT CAN WAIT.  A texting driver is 20 times more likely than an attentive driver to make a critical riving error.  Also, 21% of 1,630,000 injury crashes involved distracted drivers.
Needing a great idea on how to remind teens and young adults in your community that IT CAN WAIT, have your thought of a wristband or a silicone thumb ring? Silicone thumb rings are worn on the thumb preferably on their dominant hand and is a constant reminder than no text is worth losing their lives.  Visit us at www.wristbands.net and check out our available silicone thumb rings we have in stock.  Should those not be what you are really looking for, simply use our wristband creator and customize your own silicone thumb ring and use them to spread the idea of being a more responsible and safer driver.  How about those of us that maybe a little older and believe we are a little wiser? Create a silicone wristband with your own message of keeping the phone out of your hand while driving is also a great idea especially for those of us who live very busy lives. Silicone wristbands and silicone thumb rings are great ways of also raising funds for your local community and bring attention to a leading cause of accidents.

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