09 April 2012

Mosquito Repellent Wristbands in April

If the saying is true that April Showers brings May flowers and we’ve all heard the old adage; however what the adage fails to mention is that April showers also brings pesky mosquitos. Parents already know that those sunny weekends watching your little one play soccer or baseball can be a joyful experience but also means lathering not only your little slugger or goal maker but also oneself with greasy spray on or lotion style bug repellant. There has to be an easier way. In fact there is.  Mosquito repellent silicone wristbands can be the answer to your frustrations of not wanting to hold still or smell much less having to reapply as your little one sweats all that protection away.
Mosquito Repellent wristbands are a great way to keep those biters off of your little one while they play and to keep them off of you as you cheer them on from the stands or sidelines. These silicone  wristbands comes with citronella square which allows them to keep the biters away and saves the headaches we all know accompanies the application of a repellant. The citronella oil lasts up to 6 hours and does not leave your little player feeling sticky or oily. Citronella is natural oil and is not toxic to the environment like other products that may contain DEET. These silicone wristbands can be customized with your athletes’ team name and can be made in their team colors. Each player could have their own and be used by cheering fans and spectators as well. The silicone mosquito repellent wristbands can be used by the team organization as a fundraiser and as a way to build team spirit.

Beyond the playing field these useful wristbands can be used by outdoors enthusiasts seeking refuge from a hectic weekly schedule, taking these types of bands would reduce the amount of “stuff” one needs to take to get away. You simply puncture the citronella reservoir as you get to your outdoor destination and enjoy 6 full hours of protection.  Visit our wristband creator and customize your very own silicone mosquito repellent wristband.

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