10 April 2012

Create Your Custom Wristband in 6 EASY STEPS!

One must not have a degree in graphic design to create a masterpiece on the wristband creator at www.wristbands.net.
All that is required is an imagination and your half way there. Simply go to our wristband creator and click on the red button or red link at the top of the page. Once there you simply need to find the wristband style which speaks to you. Next find the color that best fits your needs whether the band be for awareness, a fundraiser, your school or whatever there are over 2000 colors and combinations to choose from. Once your style and colors have been chosen, it’s time to enter your text. Don’t forget to find a font which ties everything together.  Once your font, text, and even text color are chosen, it’s time to add artwork. There some basic ones to choose from, however none of those are what you want and you have your own simply upload it and you’re ready to move on. Finally, you get the chance to review your work of art. Finalize your order by selecting the size for your target audience. Typically, 7inches or small is for your average elementary aged child, 7.5 inches will typically fit your adolescents, and 8 inches will typically fit adults.
Once you have your wristband order just right, you have the option of sharing your wristband creation with your Facebook friends or alternatively you can email your creation directly from the wristband creator.  Next, simply move on to Proceed to Checkout and follow the easy prompts to pay for your order and designate your shipping preference.

Can’t find the right font? Or having problems uploading your artwork? Or need assistance with the right color combination?  Do not despair; our designers are here to help.
Your custom silicone wristband can serve many functions.  These wristbands are a great conversation starter and can raise awareness for a cause close to you, bring attention to your local merchant, or recall a wonderful time in your life. These silicone wristbands are durable, long lasting and best of all they are affordable.  Whatever your need, your occasion; wristbands.net is here to help you every step of the way.

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