11 April 2012

SIlicone Wristbands for animal cruelty

Every month and indeed every day, we as a society are bombarded with statistics about this illness and that violent act which swept over some major city. However, what about those without a voice who suffer daily at the hands of humans? April amongst many other things is Animal Cruelty awareness month. Every year millions of pets are put down because there just isn’t enough room at the animal shelter to hold them all. Millions more wander the streets of our major cities and neighborhoods confused, hungry and lonely. Thousands every year also meet their end due to testing, even our closest relatives in the animal world see a brutal end because of their hide, meat, and uselessness to their once scientists caretakers. So how can a silicone wristband do anything you ask?
Purple is the color to stop animal cruelty.  Wearing purple silicone wristbands would tell others that you support the humane treatment of animals. Many communities using the social media outlets have taken to the need of people to be consistently connected to raise awareness towards this cause.  Perhaps you live in a community where an organization helps rescued animals find a foster home or maybe your community has a no kill shelter. By simply creating a customized silicone wristband you could raise funds to assist that organization in their mission. Perhaps you work for one of these organizations; create a silicone wristband with your organizations name, contact information, and distribute along with your printed information to bring more willing foster families for your rescued furry friends.

Animal lovers everywhere can take advantage of our wristband creator not only to help end the violence towards our fuzzy companions, but also as a way to show our deep love to our pets. Creating a silicone wristband in any color with your pets name and paw prints is a great way to show to all those around you that you indeed care about your furry family members but also your support to a worthy cause.  Doggie paws, kitty paws, and even birdie claws can all be imprinted on a silicone wristband, have an exotic pet they too are welcome to slither, crawl, fly and swim towards being recognized on wristbands. 

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