21 May 2012

Festival Wristbands

  Wristbands for  Festivals

Summer festivals run the gambit from music to food and art. A traditional festival in many southern states is the BBQ cook off. Silicone wristbands can be used by the BBQ team for team unity or to distinguish the non cooking team members from the crowds of hungry cook off goers.  Sure T-shirts have been the traditional however being stuck on the grill leaves you with that sweet smokey smell. Silicone wristbands don’t have this issue.  Maybe you’re heading to some of the biggest and famous (or infamous) festivals. With a huge line up, Bonnaroo continues to attract music lovers from around the world and across the country.  With literally thousands of festival goers, it’s hard to imagine the sea of people all camped out and there for one reason… to enjoy some great music. Another world famous festival is Burning Man.  Burning Man takes place out in the desert in Nevada, typically in August. The desert becomes a make shift community for a very long weekend. In both cases with so many people in the same space why not make yourself stand out a little.

A personalized wristband saying “ I SURVIVED Bonnaroo/Burning Man” or  “ Burning Man/Bonaroo or BUST” or “ If lost…” The options on messages are endless but the idea is to have fun with your wristband.  For Burning Man why not create a bulk order and use them to barter since no currency is allowed at Burning Man, you’ll have the next best thing, a funny quirky silicone wristband to barter for what you may need. These are just a few examples of what Festival silicone wristbands can be used for. From festivals big and small, organizers and festival goers alike can take advantage of our silicone wristband which in turn can be used for so many reasons we can’t name them all. The key is to have fun creating your wristband.  Visit us at wristbands.net and get started today with our wristband creator.

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