23 May 2012

Wristbands for baby showers

The original intent of a baby shower was for women of the family to share their wisdom and lessons they had already learned and pass them on to the new mother. Traditionally baby showers were only thrown for women expecting their first born child. Over the years, this has changed and every child now has their very own baby shower.  Customs, ideals, and themes may have changed over the years however the concept is still the same. Give the mommy- to- be what she may need to make through at least the first few months. Wristbands would make a great addition to any baby shower.  Coming in the traditional baby blue for boys and light pink for girls, siliconewristbands would make a great party keep sake or part of a prize bag for one of the many baby shower games. What about those parents who do not want to know what their baby is?  They too can enjoy a silicone wristband with baby blue and light pink segmented on the actual band and then have their message printed.

In recent years, some more non –traditional styles of baby showers have started to crop up. The co-ed baby shower is starting to become popular amongst younger first time parents. The idea being that both parents will have to raise the child therefore both parents should be “showered” with the necessary gifts and tools. These same types of parents have also changed the rules on the colors for their child. More nontraditional baby colors include yellow, green and sometimes orange.  No matter your color preference, silicone wristbands can be printed for your baby shower with messages such as the date of the baby shower, or the names of the proud parents to be.

Once the bundle of joy is born, wristbands can also be done with the name of the child, date of birth and any other vital information and given to family, friends, and co workers. Visit our wristband creator today.

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