07 May 2012

UV Wristbands for summer

As many parents of elementary school aged children can attest… the sun emits ultraviolet radiation. Our sun produces UVA UVB and UVC types of radiation which allows our planet to sustain all that we see around us. However, in the last few decades the natural shield has been eroded away by mans emissions of certain gasses into the atmosphere which has reduced the effective shield against these most hazardous and yet necessary types of radiation.  UV radiation has certain implication on human health.  From immunity, insulin secretion, blood pressure and even calcium metabolism UVB exposure is a necessity yet many will take advantage of the warmer weather and less clouds to bake themselves in the sun all for that beautiful tan look.

An overexposure to UVB radiation can cause some form of skin cancer. As summer quickly approaches we must protect ourselves and especially our children from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.  Sunscreen is very important especially for those who are outdoor enthusiast. Skin cancer is no laughing matter.  We have all been in the position where sun screen was forgotten etc.  At wristbands.net we have  great looking UV wristbands that changes color and can be used as a great reminder to anyone who is going to spend time outside of when it may be good idea to go inside or simply apply another coating of sunscreen. The UV bands come in a cream/opaque color and the longer it is exposed to the sun’s rays it becomes a darker violet. Many dermatologists have begun creating these with simple messages to distribute to their patients or simply as a way to get their own message across that while fun in the sun is important one must respect the sun as well. Visiting our wristband creator you too can take advantage of a UV wristband. These can be imprinted with your own message maybe to your loved ones to head in doors for a while or to apply more sunscreen. Perhaps you’re attending a family reunion at the beach or park, what better way to show your love and appreciation for everyone taking the time to enjoy some family togetherness than by handing out to all in attendance a UV wristband with your own customized message. These wristbands fun because anyone will enjoy seeing the band change color and best part is your message can always be visible.

Summer camps can also take advantage of these wristbands and customized them to meet their needs. These will help campers keep tabs of their own exposure to the sun and possible avoid some uncomfortable nights and days dealing with a sun burn. The possibilities are endless.

Simply visit our wristband creator and begin creating your own UV wristband.

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