08 May 2012

Wristbands are the Way!

T-shirts or silicone wristbands?

The answer is obvious! Silicone wristbands make a much better idea for any occasion you wish to celebrate than a t-shirt. Silicone wristbands are more economical, easier to transport and are in higher demand than t-shirts. How many family reunions, corporate meetings/conferences, fundraisers etc have we all been too? What’s worse is having to find space for yet another t shirt and then trying to find the right occasion to wear them after the event has finished; typically those t shirts become the uniform for the weekend warrior. Silicone wristbands are small and can be worn by even the more “business” minded person in your family or social community.  Rubber bracelets also allow you to step outside of the box a little by going with a nontraditional product to mark a special moment in your life. T shirts in the long run will end up being used as rags for dusting the furniture or cleaning your car. Using silicone wristbands to mark an anniversary party, family reunion, or a corporate event will leave your attendees with something a little smaller that won’t take up any room in their luggage, something that will not shrink or fade with time as with t-shirts.    How many times have we been stuck trying to guess how many of each size to order, or what is worse is trying to figure out what to do with a box of unused, un sold t shirts? Sure we could donate the extras to charity however with a busy schedule, who really has the time to drive that box to their nearest drop off? Wristbands can really save the day! Silicone wristbands tend to be more economical than t-shirts and can sometimes be less of headache. Silicone wristbands take a lot out of the guessing game many of us have experienced when it comes to ordering t-shirts.  Sizes are easily determined and minimum quantity depends on the style of silicone wristband.  Regardless of your event, a silicone wristband is the obvious answer when it comes to the growing question of to order a t-shirt or a silicone wristband. Visit our wristband creator and watch the number of headaches float away leaving you time to really enjoy the event you are planning.

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