11 June 2012

Watch Style Wristbands

By now we have all seen the same wristband over and over. Do you have a cause that has a special place in your heart? Do you want to create a silicone wristband that will get a lot of attention to your cause or business?

If you answered yes to one of both of these questions then a watch face silicone wristband is the answer! Watch face silicone wristbands are wristband with a circle which makes your silicone wristband look like an actual watch. The circle can be used for a special logo and can be made in any style from screen printed for those more intricate logos to debossed and color filled. Color selection of your watch face silicone wristband is only limited to your imagination. Not only will these silicone wristbands eye catching, but also make for a great fund raiser. Why not step a bit away from the conventional straight silicone wristband and make your watch face silicone wristband bring some much needed attention to your cause or your business.

These watch face silicone wristbands are ideal for fundraisers because they are unique. Adding a swirled, segmented, or even glitter will make your watch face silicone wristband a hot and must have item. Make sure to check out the examples of watch face style silicone wristbands on our site www.wristbands.net  Once you have decided create your very own watch face style wristband using our new 3d wristband creator!

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