18 June 2012

Silicone Wristbands as Key Chains

Yes you read the title correctly. Silicone wristbands as key rings, while not the traditional style of key rings these wristbands are ideal for gyms, spas, and yoga studios. Trying to maintain an edge has always been a business’ prerogative. As mentioned gyms, spas, and yoga studios can take advantage of our silicone key rings as a way to make your business stand out. These can also be used by auto dealers, mechanic /auto body shops or even car clubs.

Silicone wristband key rings are easy to produce and even easier to distribute. Car clubs and motorcycle clubs can produce these specialized key rings, sell them, and actually turn a profit to then donate the profits to their charity of choice.  Any color, any style can be easily turned into a key ring. Simply contact a member of wristbands.net for assistance.

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