18 June 2012

UV Sensitive Wristbands Help Keep You Safe In The Sun

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that we in the northern hemisphere have entered the sun bathing, beach going, fun in the sun days of summer. People everywhere are heading outside to enjoy the long lazy days of summer. I’m sure there are plenty of summer songs that we have all grown up listening to and more and more are being added to that list. Somehow it’s just not summer without blasting the Beach Boys and heading down to the nearest watering hole be that a river or even the ocean. Being in the sun is a great way to gain your daily dose of vitamin D recently it has become a major health risk as well.

UV silicone wristbands are a fun and inexpensive way to keep you and your loved ones safe during these glorious summer days. The UV sensitive silicone wristbands change colors the longer it is exposed to dangerous UV rays. The silicone UV wristbands starts off as clear and changes to a dark shade of lavender the longer it’s exposed to UV rays. Once the band has reached that dark lavender color this is an indication you should seek some sort of shelter or apply more sun screen. We would like for all of our clients to continue to be healthy and enjoy many more summers ahead. Whether you are raising money for a charity, non-profit organization or simply wanting to raise awareness for a cause dear to your heart; UV silicone wristbands is the way to go. UV Silicone wristbands also make for a great summer addition to any gift bag or even just for personal use.

The best part is these UV wristbands can be produced in any of the styles and are of course of the highest quality that you have come to expect from Wristbands.net

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