20 June 2012


The ultimate fan is not just for the sport fanatics out there. In recent years, there have been movies and TV shows which have gathered so much hype you can find the ultimate fans that live for their favorite TV shows or movies.

How many invitations have you received to the series premier of some show? Or stood in line for the midnight screening of your favorite movie? We have all been there.  Did you know that silicone wristbands can be created in honor of your favorite movie or TV show?  Of course you can.  Examples of these bands could be a color coated band with “Trubie” for those True Blood Fans; or how about a band with Team Jacob or Team Edward across in any color of your choosing since the new movie is due to hit the theaters soon.  If you’re a parent and are trying to create a viewing party for those rainy days or lazy weekends, you too can create an ultimate fan for all your little ones.  Movies such as The Smurfs or anything by Disney/Pixar has such great catch phrases that can be engraved onto a wristband for all your wee ultimate fans.

For older fans, you have some really awesome movies to choose from anything from Anchorman to Pineapple Express and even Star Wars. The options are endless. We all have those phrases or parts in movies that just speak to us. Why not create that phrase on a customized silicone wristband and carry it around with you? That’s the best part of wristbands.

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Happy Viewing.

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