27 June 2012

Wristbands for Cell Phone Courtesy Month

July has been designated as Cell Phone Courtesy Month. During this month cell phone users are expected to be extra courteous when using their cell phones. By following some simple rules you too can promote cell phone courtesy at your place of employment or within your community.

There has been a lot recently in the news about cell use while driving. Recently a teenager in Massachusetts was sentenced to prison for causing a fatal accident all because he was texting while driving.  Anti texting or anti cell phone use while driving silicone wristbands and even thumb rings can be designed and distributed. Some fun ideas for this month would be to create a silicone wristband or silicone thumband this fashionable accessory as a reward with a phrase such as “Most Polite Cell Phone” or “Most Courteous Celly” etc the options are only limited by your imagination. Focusing on the driving aspect of Cell Phone Courtesy month one could take advantage of a neat little product. Our silicone thumb rings are perfect for teens and young adults to help them promote safe driving practices.

We all need to learn to be more courteous cell phone users not just during July but year long.

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