27 June 2012

Wristbands for National HIV Awareness Month

The Coalition for National HIV Awareness Months has proclaimed July as National HIV Awareness Month. Next month marks the first time the International AIDS conference will be held on American soil.  HIV/AIDS is not just an issue for the developing world; here in the US alone new cases of HIV/AIDS are being reported every single day.

A red silicone wristband can be created for this month and used to do just that, raise awareness for a disease that has taking millions of lives in the last 30 years. For those who have lost loved ones to HIV/AIDS a great way to honor those who have lost their battle especially during this month would be to create a memorial wristband in either red silicone or white and have the text filled with red. Message such as “Find a Cure” “For Those Who have Lost their Battle…” “Keep Fighting”  “Know Your Status”  all can be created in any style. The important part of this month is to awaken people up to the very real issue of HIV/AIDS. Aids awareness wristbands do just that allowing the wearer to announce his or her support in ending the global pandemic. Non profits and community organizations may want to create silicone wristbands with their contact information and a message to be distributed during testing drives or to use as fundraisers during community outreach events. Individualized bands can also be created for this month taking advantage of our laser engraved wristbands.

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