02 July 2012

Use Wristbands for Womens Motorcycle Month

Traditionally a male-dominated past time, more and more women are taking to the open road on a motorcycle. Today’s motorcycle women tend to be more affluent, mature and better educated about their gas saving and beautiful machinery than their male counterparts.

Like their male counterparts, women motorcycle clubs have been formed and are forming across the country and do some great things within their communities.  Using silicone wristbands to raise money for their own organization is a great way to introduce newer members to the camaraderie of your organization.  A highly stylish silicone wristband or silicone wristband key chain can be part of your organizations welcome packet. Alternatively, a silicone wristband can also be used to raise money for your bike club, or women’s’ organization or any other cause of your choosing. Promoting your club and helping your community is a great way to honor this month and honor those women who have come before you. Happy Riding Ladies!

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